Student Learning Outcome Assessment

The Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Assessment at SCE is designed to showcase learning achievement within courses in alignment with well-defined program and institutional learning outcomes. SLO is coordinated by a manager who works directly with instructors and the Academic Senate. The collaboration provides the communication needed to unify and align the SCE SLO framework, processes, and procedures with curriculum and program review. There is also collaboration between the research office, technology leadership, and program managers to ensure effective learning is being achieved for all SCE students. In addition, SLO incorporates the student support services and the Admissions and Records Department to showcase learning students achieve as a result of these programs.

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The SCE SLO Project Perspective models projects that were

  • Developed by collaborative teams of faculty, classified staff and college administrators
  • Developed to honor the instruction already in place within SCE programs and courses
  • Developed to honor the academic freedom, style and methodology of each instructor
  • Developed to meet accreditation standards without changing the way SCE does things
  • Developed to keep SCE instruction at the level of excellence it already possesses
  • Developed with the knowledge that SCE instructors have developed powerful courses


The SCE SLO Project Purpose and Focus is to help

  • SCE maintain an academic approach to the problem solving decisions we must make
  • SCE advocate the needs of learners and instructors
  • SCE create a tradition/society of evidence [data driven decisions]
  • SCE develop a unified focus – institutional/program/course
  • SCE build bridges between departments – transitions/persistence/……
  • SCE reward learning and career, life, and academic achievement


The SCE SLO Processes are user friendly

  • Workbook implements the perspectives with an easy flow and integration of ideas
  • Workbook demystifies complex concepts into step-by-step tasks
  • Workbook provides easy to understand guidelines for writing SLO statements
  • Workbook walks through the design and creation of rubrics
  • Workbook includes templates and resources any instructor will need to complete SLOs


The SCE SLO seeks your participation

  • Endorse the SCE SLO handbook
  • Recognize how SLOs clarify and quantify student master of instruction
  • Assimilate depth of integration in Core Values, Institutional, Program and Course SLOs
  • Synthesize course instruction with written learning outcomes
  • Analyze data toward effective academic decision making